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Marble Grand Stone Fireplace Mantels Toronto, Custom designs and manufactures modern and contemporary fireplace mantels, historic and antique fireplaces & Over-mantles guided by divine inspiration  of classic fireplace mantels, French fireplace, European fireplace, Italian fireplace mantels and American heritage fireplaces that hand carved from marble, limestone travertine natural stone blocks in white, beige, cream and black stones for your small fireplace mantels , corner fireplace and mansions large fireplaces.

We always have trendy and in accord with the latest fad stone fireplace mantels for sale in our showroom in addition to our on sale fireplace mantels categorized collections on our web site.
We invite you to come by to select from a number of possible alternatives and the most desirable fireplaces mantel that meets the requirements of your specifications, aesthetic taste and budget from more than 200 ultimate fireplace mantels that they are already installed in our showroom.

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Marble Grand  Fireplace Mantel Company offers a fine magnificent selection of our own fireplace mantels designs and custom work.
We carry a huge selection of splendid in appearance and finely handcrafted natural stone fireplaces, Limestone fireplaces and Marble fireplace mantels and fireplace mantels surrounds to remodel your brick fireplace or for your new fireplace to a contemporary fireplace, modern fireplace or traditional classic fireplaces.
Marble Grand offers an outstanding selection of authentic traditional fireplace mantels designs with quality stone materials in crafting its fireplace mantels. Each fireplace mantelpiece is individually inspected against quality standards.
Marble Grand Stone Fireplace Mantels is committed to producing distinguished with high quality and diversity stone fireplace mantels.

Marble Grand Stone Fireplace Mantels provides an in home measurement service for custom sizing of your fireplace mantels in Toronto, GTA and Ontario area and custom build stone fireplace mantels to our customer's architectural specifications. Our Marble fireplaces, Limestone fireplaces and stone fireplace mantels are ready to assemble and install.

Contact us today for information on our Fireplace Mantels and how our unquestioned quality Natural-Stone materials, modern technology combine with our skilled traditional craftsmanship can help you with your superiority of kind fireplace mantels project.


Stone Fireplace Mantels History:

From the early style, the fireplace mantel was a magnificent element of the whole room.
The architect and the interior designer are traditionally offered a unique opportunity by fireplace mantels to produce through artistic and imaginative effort a personal statement unique to the room that they are creating.
Historically the mantel defines the architectural style of the interior decor, whether it be traditional i.e. Modern, Contemporary, Classic, Renaissance, Italian, French, American, Victorian, European, Corner, and Gothic etc.
Certainly the most extravagant of materials is marble that can be exorbitant in price and were used only the finest of rare colored and white marbles in the past.  Now a day many of those unique materials are no longer can be found, however a large collection of other high quality materials are available.
The options of materials for the stone fireplaces includes such rich of splendor suggesting great expense materials as marble, limestone, Onyx, or fine granite.
The most prolific modern designer of stone fireplace was Piraeus, who designed a large collection which later the French Empire fireplace designs was based.
In France, the finest work of the early Renaissance period can be found in the fireplace mantels, which are of infinite variety of design.
The English fireplace mantels of the early seventeenth century, when the less elaborated Italian style was introduced, were utmost degree pure in design, sometimes consisting only of the extremely simple stone mantel, with classic lowermost part of an entablature that rests directly on top of a column and shelf, the upper part of the fireplace mantel face was paneled like the entire of the room.
In the latter part of the century the classic architrave was alienated in favor of a much more drastic effective molding in the fireplace mantels and the shelf was abandoned.
Inspired by the hand carved wood decoration of old times sometimes the stone fireplace mantels were enriched with cast moldings ornaments.
Moving closer to the eighteenth century the fireplace designs superseded all others, and a century later they came back into trend.
In the eighteenth century, the architects returned to classic fireplace type with the inspiration of French fireplace. The introduction of figure sculpture, mostly represented by graceful figures that were carved on each side of the fireplace mantel which also helped to keep the shelf and the over-mantel developed into an elaborate frame for the family portrait over the fireplace mantles.
In a suburban Canadian and American home modern fireplace mantels or classic fireplace mantels is the focus of custom interior decoration.


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